HealthServe Australia recognises the enormous stress, anxiety and fear caused by this pandemic. We recognise the overwhelming tragedy this has brought to the lives of many.

HealthServe is reaching out to support communities in Australia,Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, Tanzania, South Sudan and others. Lets bring health, hope and wholeness. You can partner by clicking

HealthServe Australia is engaged in a range of activities. 

ICMDA interview with Dr Michael Burke


 Our team and partners face many challenges in the time of Covid19.

Much of our work has been related to Covid 19 recently. We are continuing to support our other programs as well.  

We are implementing our Covid 19 plan for HSA which includes

  • Helping suspected Covid-19 patients in our community to get the best of healthcare treatment and access
  • Supplying medical mask, thermometer, hand sanitizer, and personal protective equipment for patients, families, and doctors with Indonesia network partners and others
  • Giving education about prevention steps (self-isolation, cough etiquette, hand hygiene, social distancing, etc).

 In Australia ...

- we have established a daily 1900 time of prayer via zoom for HSA people and others. This is helpful for many. We have now met on more than seventy consecutive days!

 We have a weekly Partnerships In International Medicine (PRIME) meeting on Thursday nights at 2030 (five meetings). Our current topic are Burnout/ Wisdom/ History of Medicine,  and Compassion. .

We are hosting a weekly meeting for Faith Based Organisations in western Sydney responding to Covid-19 (8 meetings).

We have applied to the NSW Government to provide social support and services to CALD seniors via FBOs in western Sydney.

These zoom activities are supported by whatsapp services.

We run a weekly Covid zoom meeting on Saturdays for two groups -  partners in Africa (7 meetings) and also partners in Oceania/SE Asia (7 meetings)

We have developed a Covid-19 patient action plan questions for patients – adopted by Wentwest Primary Health network

1. Do you have enough food at home?

2. Do you have money for one day of essential needs?

3. Do you have a bag packed for going to hospital ?

4. Do you have a plan to gain urgent medical care?

5. What social support do you have?

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In Covid 19 programs , we have supported Indonesian national Torch of Love foundation  to provide PPE, Jungle doctor Mvumi Hospital, Tanzania to provide PPE and an ooxygenator, Anglican Diocese of Tarime – masks, sanitisers and comm8nity education. We are keen to support Christian Health Initiatives South Sudan with oxygenators. Discussions continue with several other partners. We are awaiting proposals from various partners including CMDF Indonesia, Christian Health Initiatives South Sudan,  and Christian Health Services, Papua New Guinea. 

Michael Burke

HealthServe Australia.

Bringing health, hope and wholeness,