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James Alexander Brown - 'ALEX'

(submitted by Richard Thornton)

We met our dear friend, colleague and brother in Christ ALEX BROWN as medical students in the sixties, when Alex, Blair Campbell and Warwick Britton were, like us, very much part of EU (AFES). We renewed acquaintance when we moved to Tamworth. Alex and I either followed one another into medical roles, or worked as associates, through 20 years. Alex was a compassionate Generalist and made a great contribution to aged care. He was excited about new technology and was the first in Tamworth to carry a mobile phone (A Motorola ‘bag-phone’).

In addition, Alex was dedicated to prayer and ministry, particularly in music. He played inspirational keyboards for a decade at St. Paul’s West Tamworth, and then at Oxley Vale for another decade until disabled by MND.  As we shared morning tea in our Werris Creek practice, Alex and I would debate genres of church music and forms of worship; though we often disagreed we never ceased to love and support one another in Christ.

Alex ran the musical team at many CMDFA conferences, often with Judy and myself leading the singing. I recall on several occasions meeting up with Margaret Payne (also from Tamworth) and Alex and Lyn prior to conference to set up the sound, write names on tags, and collect the money!

Alex’s last words to me, chair bound and almost inarticulate, were a croaky “I can still pray and listen to worship music”.

To both Alex and Margaret, I say “Well done, good and faithful servant”.