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Allan Bryson 14th May 1914 - 17 February 2014

(submitted by David Simpson)
I first met Allan Bryson in about 1968.He was a senior consultant E.N.T. surgeon, active in the C.M. F. In Sydney where he was in leadership roles for many years. Later we were both on the N.S.W. State Committee  & then  on the  newly formed C.M.D.F.A. Federal Executive Committee ,where he was Secretary.We met in Dr.Ron Winton's flat. Allan was a keen Anglican & was always concerned about the direction of the church & the issues it faced.The same could be said about his concerns for C.M.D.F.A. In general, his views were conservative & he disliked faddish trends & political correctness, especially where they contradicted scripture.  

In the national C.M.D.F.A. news bulletins he published a regular column on current topics & he had a well-reasoned viewpoint each time, if sometimes controversial. Always well-dressed, usually sporting a bow tie, he was a steady rock amid turbulent seas. He had an artistic side & wrote poems based on his deep faith in a booklet "A Singing in the Fields". We thank God for his life of dedicated service.