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Allan Bryson 14th May 1914 -1 7 February 2014

(submitted by Dr John Steele-Smith)


Allan Bryson was one of the early members of the Christian Medical Fellowship. In the  late 1940s & early 1950s a number of Christian doctors was meeting informally for fellowship, Bible study, & the sharing of issues relevant to their profession. This group then formed the Christian Fellowship & Allan was an early part of this. Annual House Parties  commenced at Gilbulla in the Southern Highlands & other meetings in homes. These had the purpose of strengthening medical people in their faith & Christian thinking & also of encouraging young doctors & students. Allan & Elsie reached out to people involved. Allan was a methodical person, thoughtful & precise in conversation. Conversation with him was always thought provoking. He was generous & warm in his encouragement & always ready to share his faith. Allan was Chairman of The CMF in the late 1960s & for many years a member of the Committee of the CMF & later the CMDF. In committee meetings he insisted that proper process be followed, with strict adherence to truth & accuracy. He was also a member of the Panel of Advisors,respected & loved, a true servant of God.