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Ethical Ground Rounds

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Ethical Ground Rounds

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Who Cures Souls?  Christians and Mental Illness


2-3 Editorial

4-6 Overwhelmed to the Point of Death Janette Whimpey

7 Book Review: Who Will I be when I Die? Dr John Stanhope

8-9 Psychiatry & Christianity Robert Yewers

11-12 Depression and the Christian FAQS Dr Lachlan Dunjey

12-14 Touching Heaven, Changing Earth Dr John Warlow

15 Letter to Editor: Breastfeeding Alison Walsh

16-17 A Year in Yemen Eloise Piercy

18 Student Conference Impact 2002 Rachel Berry
      19 Science and Spirituality
 Dr Alan Gijsbers
2005 10 1 1



3 Editorial

5 Meeting the challenge… Dr John Whitehall

12 The disc did it, or did it? Peter Stone

13 Dentistry with a difference in Benin Mercy Ships

4-5 Tsunami Geoff Bird

6-7 Tsunami trauma Dr Russell D'Souza

8-9 Can faith survive the tsunami? Denise Cooper-Clarke

10-11 The Gospel, Healing & Mission Dr Alan Gijsbers
2006 11 3 1

Love Health and Hope


3 Editorial Paul Mercer and John Foley

12 ICMDA Congress & Impact 2006 Catherine Girdler

15 Dr David Livingstone David van Gend

4-5 Love, Health & Hope - Keynote Address Canon Gideon Byumigasha

6-9 Whole Person Healing - Affirming God's Image Dr E. Anthony Allen

10-11 Issues of Aboriginal Health (Fire in the Belly) Dr Lara Wieland

16-18 Angels, Archbishops, Anaesthesia & Apples Dr Jeffery Driver

19-20 A journey of a lifetime Sujitha Thavapalachandran
2007 12 3 1

Sharing Faith in Practice


3 Editorial - Sharing Faith in Practice Dr Paul Mercer

7 Witnessing Happens Dr John Messer

15 Community Health Evangelism Annelies Wilder-Smith and Dr Judy Fitzmaurice

20 Sharing Faith in Hospital Practice - A Talk for Students… Anthony Herbert

23 Impact 2007: Destination Paradise Bec Cole

27 William Williams (Doctors who have made a difference) John Foley

4-6 Faith Sharing as a Professional Brian Edgar

8-11 Sharing Faith with Patients Bob Snyder & Kevin Vaughan

12-15 Spirituality and Boundary Violations Dr Alan Gijsbers & Prof Greg Whelan

16-17 Sharing Faith in Your Practice - some experiences Dr Lesley Earp

18-19 Faith and Medical Practice in India… and Australia Joseph Thomas

24-25 Letters to the Editor

28-29 Reflections on a Student Elective in Kenya and Uganda Myfanwy Geyer

32-34 Euthanasia (Fire in the Belly) Dr Natasha Yates
2007 12 4 1

 Christians & Political Action

3 Editorial John Foley

19 Work in the Top End Dr Frances Guard

26 Obituary: Dr John Cranswick Geoff Francis

4-7 Freedom in Christ, Freedom from Slavery… The Legacy of William Wilberforce Dr Paul Mercer

8-11 Amazing Grace… but does it extend to the poor? Stephen Leeder

12-15 Christian Organisations & Political Engagement Jim Wallace AM

16-18 Reflections on the Watchman / Lobbyist Role Lachlan Dunjey

20-23 Unexpected Challenges in Responding to Christ's Call to Serve the Poor Lynn Arnold

24-25 Rivers of Healing and Hope - Zimbabwe, January 2007 Nadia Fretze
2008 13 1 1


3 Editorial - Teamwork Dr Paul Mercer

7 Networking for Christian Doctors and Dentists Wei-Leong Goh and ChunRong Lin

11 Hospital Chaplaincy Ken Clezy

4-6 The Practice Teamwork Dr Paul Mercer

8-10 The Trinity as a Model for Teamwork Dave Andrews

12-13 Simple Pastoral Care Rev Joan Claring Bould

14-17 Christian Surgery and Medicine in Rwanda Dr Paul Anderson

18-19 Neurology and the Bible: Part 1 - The Old Testament Dr Don Todman

20-21 Bali Mission Trip 2007: A Life-Changing Experience Beverley Teh

22-23 Doctors who have made a difference: John Carew (Jack) Eccles Dr Don Todman
2008 13 2 1

Sin, Suffering and Sickness

3 Editorial - Sin, suffering & sickness John Foley

15 Six principles for surviving and thriving during a malpractice suit Curt Harris

30 Doctors who have made a difference: Dr Martyn Lloyd-Jones John Foley

4-6 Sin, suffering & sickness Mary Lewis

7-9 Sin & disease - a historical perspective Dr Don Todman

10-11 Applying the choices / consequences model to addiction medicine and clinical psychiatry Dr Alan Gijsbers

12-14 Sin & suffering - two dimensions of change in clinical practice John Warlow

16-19 ADHD - A philosophical approach to assessment & management Dr Nick Woolfield

20-22 How should we respond to James 5:14 - the prayer for healing? John Foley

22-23 Neurology and the Bible: Part 2 - a case of epilepsy in the New Testament Dr Don Todman

24-25 A student in Nairobi's slums Ian Marr

26-27 Reflections on internship Suzanne Cartwright

28-29 Aboriginal health - the challenges & frustrations Nyalpi Nungarai
2008 13 3 1

Fear & Wellness

3 Editorial - Fear and Wellness Dr Paul Mercer

13 Impact '08 Joel Wight

17 Letters to Luke's Journal

25 Letters to Luke's Journal

4-5 What is the Relationship Between Safety and Fear? Johanna Lynch

8-12 Overcoming Fear whilst maintaining Hope in Paediatric Palliative Care Dr Anthony Herbert

14-16 Public Health - Teamwork in Action Dr Kari Jarvinen

18-20 Wellness & Fear Charles Ringma

20-21 HealthServe Australian Inc. - five years on Dr Alan Gijsbers and Cliff Smith

22-24 Biblical Reflections on Faith Dr Alan Gijsbers

26-27 A Student Elective in Africa Nadia Fretze

6-7, 27 Wellness and Fear…from the perspective of a middle-aged General Practitioner Richard Chittleborough
2008 13 4 1  

Dreams & Visions

3 Editorial - Dreams and Visions John Foley

9 Whose Perspective? D A Carson

16 My prayers for CMDFA in 2020

16 Vale: Dr Veola Feros

17 Book Review: New Leaves Anthology Dr Alan Gijsbers

31 A Job Well Done: Tash Yates

4-8 The Practice of Hope: Theological Reflection and the Visions of God Deborah Storie

10-12 "The Times They are A-Changing": Thoughts on bringing the best of the past into the future of CMDFA Dr Judy Fitzmaurice

12-13 Fire in the Belly: Pharmaceutical Companies and the Medical Profession Kuruvilla George

14-16 Dreams: How are we to interpret them? Dr Don Todman

18-19 The Future of General Practice Dr Paul Mercer

20-23 Re-evaluating Australia's Health System Dr Clifford Smith

24-26 Break the Cycle of Dysfunction Lara Wieland

26-27 Managing Addicts and Addiction Dr George O'Neil

28-30 Chairman's Report: October 2008 Dr Bill Hague
2009 14 1 1

Short Term Mission

3 Editorial - Short Term Mission John Foley

8 Reflections on my Short Term Mission Experiences Dr Martin Hood

9 Medical Teams to the DR Congo Dr Neil Wetzig

4-5 What Place Short Term Mission? Peter Deutschmann

10-11, 33 Camping in Nepal Dr Brian Wheatley

12-13, 15 Personal Reflections on Overseas Service Dr Maria Haase

14-15 Short Term Mission in Papua New Guinea Judith Nall-Bird

16-17 Reflections on Short Term Mission in Kiribati Martyn Hood

18-19 A Dental Student in Bangladesh Elizabeth Lee

20-21 Influence or Affluence? African Impressions Dr Andrew Wright

22-27 Fire in the Belly: Freedom from Nuclear Weapons Tilman Ruff

28-29 Hope Dr Alan Gijsbers

30-32 Healthcare Ethics Justin Denholm

34-35 Doctors who have made a difference: Catherine Hamlin Dr Don Todman

6-7, 35 The Pros and Cons of Short Term Mission Dr Jason Ong
2009 14 2 1

Culture and Professional Care

3 Editorial - Culture and Professional Care Dr Paul Mercer

13 Cultural Humility Anthony Herbert

19 Gone to his reward: Dr Keith William Bailey

4-7 Engaging with People of Different Cultures Dr Lynn Arnold

8-9 Cross Cultural Mission: The task for all Australians Graham Paulsen

10-12 One Slice Short of a Sandwich: Culture & Health from a Missiological Perspective Dr Lawrence Tan

14-15 Cultural Safety Training Juliette Hubbard

16-18 Reflections on Cross-Cultural Education and Mission Carolyn Russell

20-22 Multicultural Children Katina Woodruff

23-25 A Global Nomad's Thoughts on Living & Working Across Cultures Teem Wing Yip

26-27 Forty Nights in Central Asia Alison

28-30 Managing the refugee patient Dr Margaret Kay
2009 14 3 1


3 Editorial John Foley

13 Situational Ethics and Abortion - Rethinking the Issue in the Majority World Mary Lewis

23 A Student in Papua New Guinea Joel Wight

29 Book Review: The Shaming of the Strong Anthony Herbert

29 Book Review: Matters of Life and Death Anthony Herbert

40 Mercy in Dentistry Caitlin Hurley

41 A Story of Mercy Anthony Herbert

4-5 A History of Abortion - from Ancient Times to the Present Dr Don Todman

6-9 Late-Term Abortion - How do Metaphysics and Ethics inform the Law? Malcolm Parker

10-12 The Ethics of Late-Term Abortion Dr Megan Best

14-15 The Reluctant Roller Coaster Journey of CMDFA Victoria and the Victorian Abortion Legislation of 2008 Mary Lewis

16-19 Coercion of Doctors: What is Happening to Modern Medicine? Lachlan Dunjey

20-22 Who is Hurt in Late-term Abortion? David van Gend

24-25 Horns of a Dilemma Joseph Thomas

26-28 Making the Most Out of a Difficult Situation - Peri-natal Palliative Care Anthony Herbert

30-31 Ethical Dilemmas in Maternal Medicine William "Bill" Hague

32-34 Counselling in Asia Dr David Hart

34-35 Book Review: The Language of God Anthony Herbert

36-39 Reflections on Impact 09: Theme Mercy David Tsang

42-44 Fire in the Belly: Hurt, Humiliation, Degradation & Sheer Brutality Dr Nyalpi Nungarai
2011 16 1 1

Transplantations, Adoption and Wellbeing

3 Editorial - Adoption, a Metaphor for Life Dr Paul Mercer

8 The Theology of Adoption Rev Matthew Bond

9 Adoption Dr Wendy Bourke

12 Adult 'Survivors' of Adoption Dr Paul Mercer

13 Our Journey of Adoption John and Lilli Parsons

19 Stories and Questions Trudy's Father

25 Stolen Generation Robin Young

31 The Phone Rang Dr Michael Burke

4-5 Adoption and the Old Testament Anthony Herbert

6-7 Adoption in the New Testament Anthony Herbert

10-11 Adoption and Fostering - A theological perspective Tony Jenner

14-15 On Track - Working with Children at risk Rev D Scott Memmott

16-18 Clinical Realities and Adoption Dr Paul Mercer

20-21 Attachment, The Glue of Love Dr Paul Mercer

22-24 Protecting Children from Whome Dr Nyalpi Nungarai

26-27 The Stolen Generation - Consequences Sandra J Egger & Tony Butler

28-30 Healthy, Wealthy and Wise - Business Ethics and Healing Professions Rev Dr Gordon Preece

32-35 Mission and Healing in Historical Perspective Christoffer H. Grundmann
2011 16 2 1

What it is to be Human

3 Editorial - What it is to be human Dr John Foley

4-6 What is a Human Being? Dr Brian Rosner

7-9 What does it meant to be human? A historical perspective Dr Don Todman

10-11,13 Who Am I? Animated Stardust Assoc Prof Alan Gijsbers

12-13 What is it to be human? The view from IVF practice - a personal reflection Dr John Chenoweth

14-16 Beyond Human? Dr Denise Cooper-Clarke

17 Human Nature: What the Scientific Literature is Saying Dr Paul Mercer

17-18 Technology Musings - Technology and its impact on being human… James Wei

20-21 What it is to be human - Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander issues Dr Mark Wenitong

22-25 What does it mean to be human? Some Biblical and Theological Reflections on the Human Vocation Ian Packer

26-28 The person and the need… Dr Tracey Symmons

28 Jobs - Malawi

29 Insurance: Who Needs It Dr David Gilpin

30-33 Contracts, Compacts and Covenants Nick Land

34-35 Champions for Life - Champions for Life team in Zimbabwe and Nadia Fretze

36-39 A Theology of Stigma in a Time of HIV and AIDS Michael Burke
 2011 3  complete journal - individual articles soon  ETHICAL GRAND ROUNDS

Complete Journal
2012 17 1 1


2-3 Editorial Suffering John Foley

4-6 What does the Book of Job Tell Us About Human Suffering? Revd Prof Victor Yu

7 Another difficult post-operative patient Dr Doug Bridge

8-11 Suffering at the Professional Coalface Dr Paul Mercer

12-13 Reflections on Personal Suffering John C Vance

14-15 Remembering Who We Are Richard Hargreaves

16-17 Finding Hope in Suffering Dr Jeremy Beckett

18-22 Therapeutic Use of Self and the Relief of Suffering John H Kearsley

23 Andy's Song (Forever Yours)

24-26 What would you say to Anna? Geoff Mitchell and Anthony Herbert

27-29 Embracing the cost of a Kingdom Advance Peter W Law

30-31 Mission in a Desert Land Jade Schoers

32-35 Ethical Medical Decision-Making and Compassion Care in the NICU Revd Prof Victor Yu

36-37 Obituary: Vale Professor Allan Carmichael Prof Graham Vimpani

38 Obituary: Paul Rex Balfour Kitchener Bill Ramsay with Neil Strugnell

39 Book Review: Healthcare Ethics Michael Burke

39 Book Review: Suffering Well John Foley
2012 17 2 1

Parallel Careers after Medicine

3 Editorial: Parallel Careers after Medicine - individual article not available
John Foley

4-6 The Medical Profession: A Vocation for Life? Dr Don Todman

7 After Medicine Dr Andrew Sloane

8-14 Dr Luke, Evangelist for the Great Physician Dr Paul Mercer

15 Balancing Motherhood and Medicine Dr Natasha Yates

16-17 A Personal Journey Through Four Careers Dr Margaret Payne

18-19 A Personal Journey into Two Worlds Rev Murray Lean

20-21 Retirement a New Career Dr David Price OAM

22-23 A Different Way of Doing Medicine Lyn Pearson

24-25 It Only Takes A Spark Dr GMC Garry

26 Best of Both Worlds? Dr David Williams

27 On Having a Career Inside and Outside of Medicine Dr John Hagidimitriou

28-31 From Medicine to Ordination to Politics Dr Andrew White

32-33 Prepare for the Abortion Request - individual article not available - view complete journal

34 A Tribute: Alf W Steinbeck, A Founder of CMDFA Dr Frank Garlick and Dr Anthony Herbert