2018 National Student Leadership Team

National Student Leadership Team

To contact any of the below leaders, please email  students@cmdfa.org.au


Andrew Wilson - National Student Representative

I’m Andrew, a final-year medical student at Melbourne University. This year, I am conducting research for six months and then learning how to be an intern for the remainder of the year. In all things I am seeking to be a good ambassador for Christ at my workplaces. This year, I want to encourage more of my fellow students to share their faith personally and also to take action on important issues facing Christians in medicine today, such as abortion.

Lucy and Naarah - Australian Capital Territory

Hi we're Lucy and Naarah second year ANU medical students. We love God, people and med. We aim to make sure everyone is connected into local churches and get to know other local Christian Doctors and students. Please feel free to contact us.

Olivia Jaeschke - South Australia

Hi there! I'm Olivia, currently in my third year of MBBS at Adelaide University.

Outside of the med world, I enjoy playing clarinet, singing and being involved in international student ministry at my campus. I believe that the cross of Christ should impact all areas of our lives, including our studies and working life and so I am excited for the year ahead and how God will be at work through CMDFA. It is so encouraging to be connected with other Christians in healthcare and I pray that we would build up each other in our faith to love and serve our world!

Shaddy Hanna - New South Wales

Hey, I'm Shaddy and am in fourth-year med at UNSW. I love cycling, lighting candles, reading books, and the little biscuits you sometimes get with a coffee. Being a Christian who happens to study medicine has come with it's unique challenges and privileges - I've greatly valued how CMDFA helps me integrate work with faith, and hope to help other students in NSW see that value too!

Bartholomew Purcell - Queensland

Hi there, I'm Bartholomew. I'm a final year Med student at UQ. I'm currently undertaking placement in the regional centre of Toowoomba. Whilst I enjoy many things from farm work to skateboarding, I often find myself spending hours delving into the minds of philosophical writings. The CMDFA community has been an encouragement for me to grow in my faith and devotion to God in my study and work life. I hope that I can serve others through this role, and ultimately glorify God in all my endeavours!

Shevonne Koh – Tasmania

Hi! I’m Shevonne and I’m a fifth year medical student studying at the University of Tasmania, Launceston. Things I enjoy outside of med include getting out and about in God’s beautiful Creation, nurturing friendships and cooking (+ eating) delicious food! I’m looking forward to forming connections with like minded individuals who are not only passionate about medicine/dentistry, but for God too. I’m interested in medical mission work both locally and on the global scale and this year I'm feeling especially challenged to "Care for the one that God has placed for me on the road." My prayer is that our hearts will be deeply moved so we can more actively reach out to others. I'm keen to see what this year brings and it’s exciting to think about what God is going to continue to do through the future generation of healthcare workers.